About Us

Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences (GANS) established in 1994 in Tbilisi capital of Georgia by the prominent naturalists, mathematicians and physicists, in order to improve knowledge at scientific heritage of natural and exact sciences in Georgia and the region.
Academy is legal entity under Georgian law, non-governmental and non-profit institute.
According the mission of the Academy it organized science and technology conferences, meetings and other events connected to research and development.
The Academy performs the local and international programs and projects.
The Academy gives conferences and lectures and publishes the electronic bulletin under the name GANS – Nova Acta.
The Academy has worldwide relationship and agreements with well-known research organizations of the globe and other distinguished societies.
The Academy rules by the governing board including president, vice-presidents, the chief academician secretary and leaders of Academy orders.
The orders of the Academy are:
• Mathematics and Computer Sciences
• Physics and Chemistry
• Life Sciences
• Earth Sciences
• Engineering sciences
• Humanitarian and social sciences

The Academy has the board (council) of trustees which includes distinguish science technology and industry managers and organizers.
The Academy everyday works performs by the Academy administration